Thursday, July 7, 2011

"HEY MUM..." - 1988, Age 10-11

I'm guessing the task here was to write a conversational piece...

Hey mum can I go up into the caves.
Why do you want to go up into the caves.
To explore them.
Whos them?
The cave stupid.
You rood little boy
I'm not little and I'm not rood.
Yes you are.
No I'm not, And just forget about the aurgue (?) and let me go up into the caves.
Who are you going up into the caves with.
My friend.
Whos your friend, apparently I thought you didn't have any friends.
Ah get off, I've got heaps of friends.
OK just tell whos your friend.
Tien, Ray, Sean, Craig, my three brothers and my friend from church.
By the way you could of said friends and youv'e got two brothers not three.
I've got three brothers thats includings my dog, Pete.

Mt Gravatt was a great place to grow up. My house was just a stones throw from Toohey Forest, and the mountain itself. My brothers and I used to ride our bikes up there constantly, and there were heaps of weaving dirt tracks to explore. On the southeast side of the mountain, few people knew about the series of caves on the side of Mt Gravatt. The main cave was huge, and there were holes everywhere leading to this one big one. If you weren't careful, you could fall into these caves easily. And getting to them was an adventure in itself – we used to do a balancing act on a concrete pipe that stretched several metres above a deep gully. These days, the caves have been deemed a risk and have been boarded up entirely. At least they were the last I checked...

Someone uploaded photos of the caves here.

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