Friday, July 8, 2011

"Dear Grandpa..." - 28 Sept 1988, Age 11

More rambling. I can't quite work out what inspired this one. I can't recall my grandpa ever sending me a parcel with an alien in it, so it's likely fiction...

29 Margary.Street.,

     Grandpa, I was so thrilled to get this parcel but I don't no what it is yet. I've looked in my Animal book that says it has every animal in it. But I love it because it can talk and its fun to play with. One problem it won't go to sleep. It always wakes me up threw the night and says, "Whatch TV, Whatch TV," until I found some thing else in the parcel. It was a piece of paper, but I couldn't read it because it was in French, so I asked my friend what it said.
It said, This creature is an Alien
     (b) It was civilized in Space on another unadentified planet!
     (c) It doesn't sleep, never until he's a sheet (?)
His best games are pool and swimming, even know he can't swim. I forgot to tell you, he was shivering when I opened the box up, maybe because he had a bumping ride. Hes playful with the dog because the dog gives him rides. I better go now before I run out of paper.
Your found (?) grandson
Ben xxxooo

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